Officine Buone


Special stage is a project which originally was established in Italy by our friends from the non-profit organisation Officine Buone.

They are a group of like-minded experts in social design, event organisation, audio visual productions, communication and marketing. There are many initiatives under the umbrella, some of which are: ‘Open Stage’ – where musicians share their passion of music on the streets of Italian cities (and soon London, who knows), ‘Special Cook’- which gathers aspiring chefs and nutritionists giving their knowledge on healthy diet and delivering delicious meals to the patients of hospitals,‘Special Stage’- here emerging artists, songwriters and comedians perform for a special audience: patients of hospitals and other social institutions.

We- the English sister of Special Stage with the same name – are based in London, where we curate musical events in soup kitchens and mental health placements. Our audience are guests and clients of these places.


How do we work here ?

Special Stage events are fun, immersive performances, filled with music and performances of amazing young musicians, who selflessly share their passion and their talent. The audience do also take the role of a jury: through the score sheet they evaluate the artist, awarding them points from 1 to 10.

At the end of the year, the artists who collected the highest number of points, will have the chance to take part in the ‘Special Stage Fest’, usually in Milan, Italy.

The event is getting more and more attention from the media and is becoming a must attend event in the field, as many affirmed artists sometime decide to take part either as performers or member of the jury. The winner will be awarded a monetary prize and the chance to play as supporting artist in other events.

Who can take part and how can I sign up ?

Everyone is welcome to share their passion at the Special Stage events. However, only the emerging artists of age 15-35 can compete and have a chance to win the participation to the international final and the big prize.

So if you are a musician, a songwriter, story teller or a comedian, get in touch with us sending the email to: with the information about your artistic profile and availability and we will get back to you very soon.


What genre of music is preferred to be played at Special Stage events ?

Given the particular context, it is suggested that the tunes chosen to perform by the participants are appropriate to the situation: all songs that cannot in any way create a tension or anxiety to guests are welcome, and all the genres are welcome (pop, rock, indie, funky, reggae, jazz, classic, RB, etc.

Can I take part at the Special Stage events multiple times and what will happen with my points ?

Yes, you can play at Special Stage events up to 3 times in a year. Your points will add up and will be the base for the yearly sum-up.

How long should be my performance ?

The performances usually are of 2- 5 tunes long.

Will I get paid for the performance ?

Unfortunately no, we work on a non-profit basis. However, you will receive a lot of positive vibes from the audience and fellow volunteers as well as the chance to win the big prize at the international final in Italy 🙂