St.Art! project consists in a theater record dedicated to patients hospitalized in eating disorders care departments. This project is carried out by the professional actress Linda Caridi; its target is to create a theater project in hospitals. The aim of the project is to encourage the expressive conception and functional for everyone’s body that becomes full tool to communicate.

The project

St.Art! aims to foundation of a group atmosphere based on the lack of judgment and based on sharing creative and expressive experiences, based on the development of the awareness of the technical and expressive possibilities given by our body and based on the increase of an active participation, proactivity and willingness to get involved.

At the eating disorders care department, where we face with pathologies of anorexia and bulimia, we try to turn clinic limits, such as reduction of motor activity, into a virtue: we focus on scouting the tool of our voice, word and relation to others, deepening how the power of communication and expression can vary the minimum factors such as gazing, spine position, rhythm of the breath and quality of everyone’s movement.

A collective approach is preferable with the exercises that include an “exposition of themselves” and they encourage the each other tutoring and peer to peer learning through activities in couples or small groups, encouraging a valorization of personal differences and giving a particular attention to each participant.

The path is monitored by a medical team that complements our psychotherapy lab group. The exchange of information with the doctor allows to give a more accurate support to every participant in his/her own individuality.

This path, launched in collaboration with professional actors Linda Caridi, Mattia Pozzi and Chiara Leoncini and the Association Erika at the Niguarda hospital in Milan gave excellent results from a medical standpoint and from patient’s feedbacks.

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