Special Stage is the first music show for young artists that valorize their talent operating through a social project.
Our project qualifies as a talent show: artists play for patients that fill the role of judges for exhibitions in these particular occasions where they are supported by music and show business important guests.


About Special Stage


What is Special Stage?

Special Stage is the first music for prizes contest for young artist aged between 15 to 35 years realized in hospitals.
Every contest edition counts 100 events realized throughout the year in Italian and Londoner hospitals.
Every event provides 3 artists exhibition that compete on a special stage playing for the patients in hospital facilities.
Patients fill the roles both of audience and judges of the completion: thanks to a voting sheet they evaluate the artist with a score between 1 and 10.

The jury is supported by a technical jury consisting of artist and important guests coming from music and show business that will give their technical vote to the exhibitions as well as their useful advices for the artistic talent growth.
At the end of the year the artists that will get the higher score will have the chance to get to the final “Regional Special Stage final” and after that to the “International Final Show”, an important event open to the public and realize in a prestigious music club in Italy where winners from London and from all the other Italian regions (Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Calabria and Sardinia) that participate in the initiative will compete.

An important jury will participate to the final event (last events: Mara Maionchi, Caterina Caselli, Alberto Salerno, Matteo Zanobini, Rachele Bastrenghi and much more) that will decide the edition winner and will reward the winner with a special money prize.
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Who can participate?

Any young artist aged between 15 to 35.

All music genres are accepted, unreleased songs, covers everything can bring a positive energy on a special stage.

Performaces go acoustic or with a small amplified system.

Participating is for free for every participant.

By when

Enrollment is open throughout the year!

Performances will take place from September to July but enrolling and participating is possible at any time.

The final show will be at the end of the season and only the artist that got more score in hospitals exhibition will participate.

How to enroll

In order to enroll you just need to fill out the below dedicated form.
The enrollment automatically register you to the Officine Buone newsletter in order to be updated on scheduled exhibitions and other vents connected to Special Stage project.
Special Stage is realized in many hospitals in London and in 7 Italian regions: Lobardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Calabria and Sardinia. .

Where to perform

Performance will be realized in hospitals in Lobardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Calabria, Sardinia and London

For every day of exhibition 3 artists (singers, musicians, songwriters, bands, choirs etc.) will perform with 2 to 5 songs according to the kind of the event for that day.

Related to the particular context participants will be suggested to play adequate songs for the particular situation: all songs made not to create tension or anxiety among patients are welcomed, all music genre are accepted (pop, rock, indie, funky, reggae, jazz,classic, R&B etc.).

Exhibition days will be published on Facebook cover page and through newletter.

Before the exhibition all the participants will attend a free training course (15 min) in order to know the rules of behavior for the volunteer in the hospital environment.

Special Credits and prizes

Special Credits and rewards

For every exhibition, every participant will get a vote as follows:
– 2,5 special credits for every participation valid till a maximum of 5 exhibitions
– Grade point average (from 1 to 10) given by the jury
– Grade point average (from 1 to 10) given by the technical jury

For the following exhibitions the vote will be the sum of the credits for the participation and the grade point average between the two juries with the previous exhibitions

Credits 1° event: 2.5 credit + grade point average technical jury 6 + grade point average jury 8 (tot. 16.5)
Credits 2° event: 2.5 credit + grade point average technical jury 8 + grade point average jury 9 (tot. 19.5)
Total credits at the end of the second event: 5 credits + grade point average technical jury 7 + grade point average jury 8.5
Total 16

When the artist will reach 5 exhibition special credits (2.5) will not be longer accumulated, just grade point average will be considered.

Artist getting the higher number of special credits at the final regional event will be admitted to the final event where they will have the possibility to win a special prize.
Note: prizes won by minors will be given to parents or the minor’s tutor, whom contact information needed to be indicated and undersigned when prize will be awarded.
Technical jury includes famous artists from music, tv cinema and theater business on top of members of the project commission consisting of Officine Buone affiliates and other partners.

Special Stage Partners

Thanks to SIAE and our partners support we built a real “Special Stage” that we donate to 6 different Italian hospitals, where our talents perform during Officine Buone’s events. The stage testifies music presence in hospital 365 days a year.

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