The project “Percorsi – theatrical promenades to the discovery of city districts” is a cultural initiative that involves citizens through theater with the aim of telling stories, characters and secrets of Milan districts.

The project

The initiative consists in different events: every event involves a different district of the city. The district is involved and it becomes the scenery and the stage of the show; while the citizens becomes actors and improvised protagonists. Throughout Lunanzio’s tale, a fun character played by the actor Loris Fabiani, citizens are involved in this adventure: a cultural and fun promenade made to the discovery of district history.

The initiative aim is the valorization of the city through the discovery of the district history and the rediscover of the theater as media for information and entertainment; this allows everybody and especially young people to know a fun and original side of theater. An additional aim is the increasement of participation into cultural events in order to create sociability. People can know each other while walking from a stop to the other.

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